Beginner Friendly Makeup Routine

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Beginner Friendly Makeup Routine

Suppose you are finally going to attend that special event that you have been planning for months. Dress? Check. Shoes? Check. Purse? Check. Jewelleries? Check. Makeup? You didn’t put too much thought into it? Now, this is can be the icing on the cake for overall appearance if you are just entering into the world of makeup. At the same time, if not done right,  it has the potential to ruin the look you are going for. In our video BEGINNER FRIENDLY MAKE UP | ft. RPGShow Hair | Get Ready With Me | MODESTSISTERZ we have shared basic makeup tips for beginners.

MODESTSISTERZ, your Personal Stylist London, believes that similar to fashion there are no strict rules for makeup. You should enjoy the journey and make it your own. You can either go for minimalistic makeup with eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, and lip gloss. Or, go all out by adding highlight and contouring kits into your facial makeup routine. We are not professionals, however, as seen in our video, we some tips that have worked out for us. You can adopt one or two tips from this video and can improve your glam quotient.

Important makeup tips for beginners

makeup tipsSo before applying makeup, or purchasing your first set of makeup products, you should keep in mind the following:

Your Skin Tone – To decide on the shades of your facial makeup, you need to know your skin tone, undertone and shade. Three basic skin tones are light, medium, and deep. These are further subdivided into other colours which varies per brand. A trip to M.A.C or Fenty Beauty or a 90sec POWERMATCH online quiz on IL-Makiage may do well for some expert advice on this critical step. Look out for more on our blog page about sustainable and ethical makeup brands.

Brand Association – it is a lot easier to know and decide which brands you want to be associated with at the beginning of your journey. Just like in the world of fashion, there are more ethical, sustainable and cruelty-free options to the world of makeup. Get to know who is who early in the industry so you know where to look for the best products for you and best for our planet. We are going to mention a few in this blog post however there is definitely a lot more to be written! COMING SOON…

Step by Step Guide – Makeup Tips for Beginners

I am a naturally curly girl with my curl type range between 4a and 4b. While I like my hair as it is, sometimes, to create a different look, I get on my trusted RPG Show Wave Blonde Bob Hair wig. You can check our video to see the steps I go through to ensure that my wig sits me perfectly – BEGINNER FRIENDLY MAKE UP | ft. RPGShow Hair | Get Ready With Me | MODESTSISTERZ

In this video, the products I used are listed below. You can check my video to get the links of where to buy these products.

  • Revolution Hydrating Essence Spray
  • Revolution Superfruit Extract Serum & Primer
  • Revolution Gel Cream
  • Sunscreen – Bondi Sands SPF 50+
  • Foundation – Estée Lauder Double-wear Foundation – Deep Spice
  • Concealer – Fenty Beauty Stick
  • Sponge to blend the makeup – Beauty Blender
  • Skin foundation to make prominent cheekbones – Bobby Brown Stick
  • Translucent powder – Fenty Beauty Translucent Powder
  • Hourglass Ambient Powder

The stepXstep Guide

Apply a primer

Apply a primer

We are jumping straight to “applying your primer” assuming you have already used your fav cleanser to clean your facial skin. I have an oily t-zone hence I tend to stick to oil-free products and those that cleanse very well with minimal damage. One of the important makeup tips for beginners is that once, you have cleansed your skin, apply a primer. It provides you with a smooth appearance and sets the base of your makeup. Additionally, a primer also helps to keep your make up lasting for a long time. Choose a primer that is suitable for your skin type. Once you applied the primer, do not forget to apply sunscreen!

Apply a concealer

Apply a concealer

After creating a base for your makeup, apply a concealer to cover your dark circles and blemishes. For more complex makeup, many users use concealer palettes to create more dimension to the face. We advise you to choose a concealer that is +/-2 shades lighter than your foundation.

Apply foundation

Apply foundation

Next, you need to apply a foundation. Choose a foundation based on your skin tone and undertone, as we mentioned earlier. After applying your foundation using a brush, use a sponge (as seen here) to blend the foundation on your skin evenly.

Your eye make up 

After applying your foundation, you should perform a few steps of your eye makeup. This includes correcting your eyebrows if they are thinner and you want a fuller look. Also, apply your eyeliner for a well-defined eye.

Highlight your features

If you want to give an impression of prominent cheekbones, now is the time to do so. Apply a darker shade to create an illusion of your cheekbones. Also, apply a translucent powder at this stage to keep your facial make up intact and lasting longer.

Add a little bit of eye shadow

For a simple makeup, add a soft shade of eyeshadow on your lids. In this look, we chose a blue eye shadow below our eyes and near the temake upardrop to make our eyes more prominent. I, personally, rarely use false lashes. I am quite happy with my natural ones for a clean minimal look with all my features naturally glowing. I only used a little mascara to darken and thicken my lashes.

Moisturize your lips

Irrespective of the type of lip colour you choose, you must always moisturize your lips first. You can even choose colourless lip gloss or a lip balm. It will help when applying your lip colours to apply smoothly. If you want, before moisturizing your lips, you can even use a nutritious scrub like brown/coconut sugar to scrub the dead skin on your lips. Now choose a lipstick colour that will complement your overall appearance.

MODESTSISTERZ is your Image Consultant London, who shares outfit styling ideas as well as makeup tips for beginners’ benefits. These tips and ideas will come handy if you are preparing for a special day or even as a how-to carry yourself regularly. To learn more about our services, visit us at

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