Best Sustainable Fashion Ideas For You

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Best Sustainable Fashion Ideas For You

Are you trying to reinvent your wardrobe with a more sustainable & eco-friendly approach towards fashion?

We’ve got you sis! I have personally put together a list for you of all the key statement pieces you need to get started! These pieces are timeless, versatile and actually very suitable for every budget. These are essentials and must have’s you eould need to have in the average wardrobe anyways but this time, just sustainable focused therefore helping you transition into the sustainable side of things. So let’s dive in your slow fashion fix – shall we…

Sustainable Fashion Idea Starts With Organic Cotton


When it comes to shirts and tees, they come in a variety of button-downs, loose cotton shirts, crew-necks, and comfortable t-shirts, and choosing the right fabric is always the most important concept of investing in a sustainable fashion.

You see, as opposed to most other fabrics that undergo an extensive process of artificial manufacturing, organic cotton is not only environmentally friendly, it is also friendlier for your skin and its health. Its moisture absorption capabilities and breathability are far more superior to other fabrics, providing a timeless comfort all year round. So you’re not only saving the environment but you are also taking care of your skin. You’re wrapped in nature’s air conditioning system – fresh, clean and energized throughout the day.

Vegan and Eco-Friendly Denim (Yes They Exist)

Vegan and eco-friendly denim made with 100% pure cotton is the ultimate key to unlock the secret to laidback charm and undeniable luxury. Whether you invest in denim button-downs, jackets or jeans, the vegan alternative will allow you to rock a wardrobe that is functional, versatile and most importantly, comfortable.

So, did we get it right? Let us know in the comments if any of these caught your attention or if you will be taking a chance and rockin’ any of these dope and sustainable fashion ideas! Remeber you can also tag us on IG @MODESTSISTERZ #stlyedbyMODESTSISTERZ

Although I am a big skirt and dress kind of girl when it comes to long, hot summer days, there is something so effortless about denim looks. When in doubt or in a hurry, I find I can always grab some jeans and a cute top. I am sure we all have that one pair of trusty jeans – don’t need many after all, that never fail whether it is because they fit like a glove and are perfectly worn-in. However, the best pieces are no doubt classic denim styles with a twist. I mentioned affordable at the begin and here is a tip for this, TIP: thrift shops & vintage fairs are a great place for locating classics with a twist… or just plain classics that never get old with time no matter what you pair them with or when you wear them!

Moisture-wicking Active Wear For Sustainable Fashion

With the increasing passion for outdoor adventures, be it hiking, running or parkour. There is an increasing demand for athletic wear and I strongly recommend them to invest in moisture-wicking athleisure. The greatest advantage of a sustainable, eco-friendly wardrobe is indeed the benefits you get to enjoy in terms of comfort and luxury.

I recommend investing in eco-cotton and other environmentally friendly athleisure apparel with superior moisture-wicking capabilities, particularly workout t-shirts and shorts. They work in all seasons and fulfill their purpose of 0 friction, easy on your skin, breathable, comfortable and stylish.

A work-out bra is essential for keeping the ladies in line. But they come in so many amazing colors and styles that they can make a statement on their own. Remember the days when sports bras were boring and ugly? Those days are long gone. Now there are so many kinds.

A breathable, weatherproof jacket is an absolute must for an excellent activewear wardrobe. Whether you work out in a gym or outside, you’ll need one – it makes working out on rainy days more bearable, and a cute little jacket will add so much more to your already stellar workout outfit.

Sustainable Fashion Ideas for Leather Jackets

Who says if you’re a slow fashionista, you have to swear off the bold edginess of leather jackets? In fact, sustainable fashion allows you to cherish eco-friendly leather jackets that have not undergone fast-fashion manufacturing processes and are not a risk for your skin or the planet at large.

I am a big support of experimenting in fashion, just try it! When it comes to naturally dyed leather outwear staples, particularly in a range of versatile hues such as grey, black and dark blue, leather jackets are a must-have and we all love them.

Variety of Slow Fashion Vegan Suede Shoes

Simple Can't-Go-Wrong by MODESTSISTERZAn exquisitely crafted pair of suede boots is undoubtedly the most charming statement to amplify your feminine aura, and when you invest in vegan suede, you make an investment that is far more durable and long-lasting. While vegan suede is not original suede, it is far more superior in quality, along with being amazingly affordable.

Vegan suede boots, knee highs, thigh highs, and mid-calf boots are increasingly high in demand, and they are crafted through microfiber and micro-suede to provide greater water resistance and a more charming finish. Speaking of thigh-high suedes – Black suede thigh-high boots look super chic and sexy when styled with heavy knits – such as a sweater dress or a cardigan. I don’t think this outfit combo ever gets old – and it’s a great option when you’re looking for a pant replacement. I also love these boots with the super trendy blazer dress. It looks so modern and reminiscent of that cool, edgy Saint Laurent aesthetic.OTK-Boots-Sustainable-Fashion-Ideas

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