Fashion Vs. Style – How Are They Different?

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Fashion Vs. Style – How Are They Different?

Fashion and style are two common terms that many people used interchangeably without understanding their difference. I guess this stems from the fact that people are confused by these terms. Therefore, today we are going to help you understand the concepts of Fashion vs. Style and their difference. We hope that understanding their difference will help you choose wisely in terms of practicing sustainable fashion.

For those we knew us, or have recently got the chance to be acquainted with our brand, MODESTSISTERZ is your Personal Stylist in London that advocate sustainable fashion. We understand the harmful effects of the fashion industry on our planet and people. Hence, we encourage our clients to follow sustainable fashion to create a sustainable environment for all.

Fashion vs. Style – their difference

FashionFashion can be defined as something that dominates the market at a certain time. It can be a specific type of outfit or a certain type of shoes, bags, or other accessories. It is more of a trend that is time-specific. They are the newest creations of fashion designers that are made popular by Fashion Houses, models, or other celebrities.




On the other hand, style varies as per individuals. In other words, you can say the style is unique to individuals. It is the way they express themselves through their way of dressing, pairing different outfits, and even accessorizing them. Style can be considered as an extension of fashion; however, they are not time-specific.

As a Style Consultant London, now that we have touched the basics of fashion and style, let’s dive deeper to understand them better through their differences.

Fashion Is Collective, Style Is Individual

Fashion is collective, whereas style is more ‘personal.’ Fashion is mainly related to global trends or creations launched by Fashion Designing Houses. On the other hand, style is the way an individual expresses themselves through various fashion accessories. For instance, the models or celebrities that demonstrate clothing or accessories of a designer’s creation on the Runaway (also known as catwalk or fashion ramp) represent the fashion. But the way they dress in their personal life represents their unique style. It changes as per individual choices. It is reflected in the fabric, design, prints, and patterns of the outfits they wear, or the accessories they choose to pair with them, etc.

Fashion is Trendy, Style is timeless

MS_fashionFashion is timely while style is timeless. With designers launching new fashion trends as per different seasons or maybe monthly, these can become outdated very soon. For instance, you saw a beautiful piece of outfit in the store of a popular Fashion House (that you might have seen your favourite celebrity endorsing) and decided to buy it. You might be ready to pay a small fortune for the same. However, by the time you decide to wear it for a special occasion, chances are high that they might no longer be a popular trend. As a result, you might not feel too happy about investing so much on an outfit that in no longer ‘in’. What would you do then? Sell it to a thrift store? You might not get enough finance worth of your dress.


MS CasualStyle, on the other hand, helps you to express yourself. True to yourself, you can invest in outfits that are either minimal in design or an embellished one. You might purchase more than one outfit in the price of a designer outfit. Moreover, since you feel the true ‘YOU’ in these dresses, you might wear them often, getting your money’s worth. Personal style is all about developing a sense of self instead of being a blind follower of everything that is apparently ‘in’.

Fashion is about the products, style is the way you dress

MS fashionFashion is mostly about products such as clothes, shoes, bags, etc. Style is the way you pair them. You can choose to pair your outfit with your shoes or bags. Otherwise, you can prefer to choose all three. If both these styles don’t suit you, you may wish to match shoes with bags or belts as well.

Add own style to fashion

MS fashionWe have mentioned earlier that something that appears to be trendy now might not be considered fashionable within a few months. However, you can add your touch to make even an outdated fashion stylish. For instance, bell bottom jeans were in fashion around the ’70s. However, modern-day celebrities and commoners still wear this type of jeans. However, they add a different style to it by pairing with crop tops and other stylish tops, or even stylish belts. As we said, it all comes down to individual choices. As a fashion stylist London, we can help in adding your style to fashion, making it an enjoyable experience for you.

Fashion is dynamic, style is unique

Fashion is dynamic as it keeps on changing frequently; style, on the other hand, is unique and belongs to the individual.

To sum it up, you can say, fashion is something you bought, while style is the way you use it. In this regard, we would like to highlight that every year the fashion industry produces a huge amount of waste, and we as a consumer have a role to play in it. To look fashionable, we try to keep up with the latest trends. Therefore, when the said trend become outdated, we stopped wearing them. These outfits either end up in landfills or thrift stores. To make our world sustainable, we need to be mindful of the way we shop. And we can do so by investing in the versatile outfits that can be styled in different ways, and can be worn more often.

MODESTSISTERZ is your Style Consultant London who can help you in creating the unique style that would set you apart from your peer. As a part of our Online Styling Services London, you can check our visually attractive lookbooks to understand how you can pair different outfits and the final look of the same. You can shop accordingly. As your Sustainable Wardrobe Manager, we can perform a wardrobe makeover by keeping in mind your style, preference, and budget. For any form of styling services, feel free to consult us.

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