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How to Accessories Your Outfits

In this post, we are going to share how you can coordinate your jewellery with outfits. In our video ‘Looks.Like.Summer SS20 Review | ZOE SANDAL Shoes | SAVANNAH STRAW BAG | Jewellery JASMIN EARRING’, you will see the unboxing of a pair of sandals heels, straw bag and a pair of earring from the brand ‘Looks Like Summer’. This video is just in time for summer with all the pieces featured complimenting the outfit as well as many other summer looks. in fact, you will see that I the Savannah straw bag which instantly gives summer or holiday vibes to any look. On that note, be sure to check out our previous blog post and video, where I have shared ‘How To Pair Your Handbags With Outfits’.

Tips On Coordinating Jewellery With Outfits

When it comes to accessorizing your outfits, a single piece of statement jewellery such as a necklace or a pair of earrings can do wonders. However, as your Personal Stylist London, we will always tell you while jewellery does do wonders, do not overdo it. Let it complement your outfits instead of overpowering your outfit. Should your OOTD have a lot of detail or patterns or embellishments, you can opt to wear a pair of simple earrings – almost of the minimalist side. This is certainly not a rule but a style that will give you a chic, elegant Lady in Vogue vibe, without “trying too hard”! On the other hand, if your outfit is on the simple side – maybe 1 or 2 solid colours, I believe you have more room for your accessories if you wish to go in heavy, You can wear earrings, a necklace and bracelets with your watch. In our video, you will see we have included a pair of Jasmine earrings – Sapphire from Looks Like Summer. I feel I am looking quite elegant and most importantly, I can pair them with different types of outfits.

Coordinating Jewellery With Outfits

Pick a Piece of Jewellery According To The Occasion

Not every form of jewellery is for all occasions. For instance, you will typically not choose your large and extravagant Diamond Line Drop Earrings to pair with your office wear. Rather you would choose a more subtle & practical style that is comfortable and complement your professional attire. If the occasion is more of a sit-down, evening out sort of setting, keep in mind the hairstyle as well. Your hairstyle and earring should not be competing for their rightful place of attention. Also remember, less can be more sometimes. As we mentioned earlier, for the busier outfits, try to keep the jewellery subtle to achieve the effortlessly chic look.

Statement Earring To Highlight Your Face

Just as it’s important to have on the perfect outfit for an event, having the right jewellery is also just as important.  A statement earring can draw attention to all the right areas if picked correctly. You should always consider the shape of your face, your hairstyle, the neckline style of your outfit and the energy you want to give them! For instance, if you have a heart-shaped face, then dangling earrings might look good on you. In such a case, avoid wearing round-shaped earrings. On the other hand, studs or triangular earrings usually look great on an oval face.

Colourful Jewellery

While buying jewellery you will come across a wide variety of colourful jewellery. As a Style Consultant London, we encourage all our clients to experiment with them to create a bold style statement.

  • Select jewellery as per skin tone – Selecting jewellery as per your skin tone is also becoming a popular trend. For instance, silver compliments women with natural tones best. On the other hand, gold suits women with matte skin and dark-coloured hair. Again, if you have a warmer skin tone, try wearing yellow, orange, or green coloured gemstones.
  • Blend warm and cool colours – As far as colourful jewellery is concerned, you can wear them in contrast to your outfit colour. For example, if you are wearing a gorgeous royal blue top, try a pair of ruby earrings. Similarly, you can try earrings with deep blue or green gemstones with a yellow or orange-coloured outfit. Check the colour wheel, and you can blend both warm and cool colours while pairing earrings and outfits.
  • Nature-inspired jewellery – other than the standard colour wheel, you can take inspiration from colours of nature for how to pair your jewellery. An outfit with shades of nude/brown/white, think of selecting colours of natural materials/stone for your jewellery like gold, sapphire, emerald, copper, etc. Another example is pearls. Pearls look good with sea-coloured dresses such as aqua, greens, blues, and even greys.

Selecting Shoes For Outfits


As we are sharing tips on coordinating jewellery and outfits, we want to share a few things regarding selecting shoes. Whilst I will almost always opt for comfy in fashion with pumps and trainers, I do like my heel, thong sandals and clogs. Embellished or patterned heels really level up plain outfits, while some shoes with minimal design can make you look elegant – it’s all in the way you put them together. In our video, you will see a pair of Zoe sandal in white colour with a crystal ball-shaped heel. My shoe collection is devoid of such elegant style, so I am quite happy with this purchase. Check them out here should you want to try them out. I will say, if you are looking to venture into the whole of sandal/thong heels, you will need to look after your toenail. I was definitely guilty for neglecting them at one point.


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