How To Combine Style & Sustainable Fashion?

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How To Combine Style & Sustainable Fashion?

Are you new to sustainable fashion? Or are you slowly trying to grasp the crux of this movement? Well, MODESTSISTERZ can help you get a better understanding of this concept. As people across the globe have slowly started taking note of how the fashion industry is causing harm to the environment, they are becoming more aware of the concept of sustainable fashion. You can check one of our earlier blogs where we have highlighted the importance of sustainable fashion towards our planet & people. In this article, we are going to elaborate on how you can fuse your style & sustainable fashion in your wardrobe today.

What Comprises of Sustainable Fashion?

Even if you understand the importance of sustainable fashion, the next thought that might come to your mind is what does it comprise? In other words, how to follow sustainable fashion? In comparison to mega brands that still follow a fast-fashion approach, few brands have started a fashion revolution by offering plant-based alternatives to various forms of fabrics. For instance, there is organic cotton, pure cotton used for making vegan & eco-friendly denim, pineapple leaves to produce bio leathers, vegan suede shoes, etc. You can slowly bring changes in your wardrobe by including these sustainable fashion ideas.

Combining Style & Sustainable Fashion

Opting for sustainable fashion doesn’t mean a compromise on style. You can easily & wisely amalgamate style & sustainable fashion. Sustainable fashion is not something that can be achieved overnight. You cannot & should not wake up one morning & decide to follow sustainable fashion & remove items from your wardrobe that are against this concept. You will not only burn out but also end up with an empty wardrobe because the brands that support sustainable fashion are few. Instead of looking for organic fabric to replace the clothes you own currently, you can take baby steps to follow a sustainable approach. It can be reflected in the way you can make the most of your current wardrobe. The following sustainable fashion ideas will help you in having a better understanding of styling.

FabricFabric | style & sustainable fashion

Fabric is an important aspect of sustainable fashion. If you can’t lay your h&s on the type of organic fabric we mentioned earlier, you can still mix style & sustainable fashion. Replace your polyester or any other synthetic fabric with cotton outfits. You can even try corduroy as well. Corduroy is a soft fabric that lasts long. They are usually made of cotton or cotton blended with man-made fabric such as rayon. They are widely used to make blazers, jackets, trousers & even dresses. As a step towards sustainable fashion, you can add a few clothing items of cotton & corduroy in your wardrobe. Check out our review on these 2 Double Breasted Corduroy Blazer

Size & Fittings

Often we throw many clothing items in our wardrobe because they do not fit us anymore. A smart solution for such problems is to visit your tailor & resize them or convert them into something else. This will allow you to wear them for a few more times rather than turning them into waste.

Often you might come across a beautiful piece online. Unfortunately, if that is not available in your size you might end up buying a size bigger or smaller. The common reason behind such a decision is that not having that item in your wardrobe is an option you do not want to consider. So how will you mix style & sustainable fashion in such a situation?

  • Smaller sized clothes – The sizes of clothing may vary as per br& Hence, sometimes trying a size smaller may not be that much of a bad decision. They can be snug-fit & not at all uncomfortable. However, if you feel that they are causing you too much discomfort you can simply return them.
  • Larger sized clothes – On the other h&, if they are bigger than your actual size you can take them to a tailor for resizing. You can try other options as well. For instance, certain outfits with a larger size give you a baggy appearance. by rolling up the sleeves stylishly, they might not be too bad if you see your reflection on the mirror. FASHION TIP – if you are trying double-breasted blazers, they often come with two buttons on each size. You can pull your lapels behind by inserting one button within the buttonhole on each side. This will help give them the appearance of a smaller size. In this way, you are creating a unique look which you can wear as jackets. Again, you can see how this actually works & looks in this video on the MODESTSISTERZ channel.


It can be difficult to part ways with an outfit that you have fallen in love with the moment you lay eyes on them. An important tip from our side is – do your research!! This is an important step towards combining style & sustainable fashion. If you have decided to follow the path of this movement, you should not get swayed by the beauty only. You should develop a habit of researching the br&s that follow this approach. As a result, you will have an understanding of what br&s follow this approach & you can style with the outfits from their collection. Remember each step counts when it comes to adopting sustainable fashion. We have put together a list of brands we love that are genuinely focused on sustainability. Check this out here.

Quality Over Quantity

No matter how irresistible an outfit appears, you should not overlook the quality of the material. The fabric used to prepare an outfit, the stitches, the fittings – all these aspects should be on the top of your mind while choosing an outfit. You should not forget about ‘30 wears challenge‘. It is a campaign for sustainable fashion. It implies every outfit that you own; you should wear at least 30 times before thinking about sending them for recycling. To make that happen, you cannot compromise on the quality of your outfit.

'30 wears challenge | style & sustainable fashion


Selecting the colour of your outfit is an important step in combining style & sustainable fashion. First, you need to have an understanding of the various shades of colours that belong to the same colour family. An important style tip that will never fail you is that you can combine different shades in the same colour family. For example, you can choose a shirt or a top in blush pink or cream & pair it with a trouser or a skirt in brown (all these shades fall in the same colour family).

Again if you are trying checks, we have a smart tip as to how you can style. Firstly you should look into the colours that are already mixed into the checks patterns. You can pair your check outfit with other items in the colours present in the patterns. Doing it this way will ensure that nothing goes wrong in your styling.


Shoes are an important part of styling, significantly important! When it comes to combining style & sustainable fashion, you cannot ignore the importance of shoes. You need not match different types of shoes with different types of outfits. Pumps are a safe choice that goes with various forms of outfits. You can also opt for trainers as your regular work shoes, casual wear, & also while you are performing various physical activities. Brands such as PRIMURY uses recycled rubbers to produce trainers.

Shoes | style & sustainable fashion

Fashion should be fun & there is no hard & fast rule involved in it. We have shared the above-mentioned styling tips to help you out if you need some suggestions regarding mixing style & sustainable fashion.

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