How To Make Your Clothes Last Longer?

//How To Make Your Clothes Last Longer?

How To Make Your Clothes Last Longer?

MODESTSISTERZ, your Style Consultant London encourages and promotes everything related to sustainable fashion and lifestyle. This can be creating a sustainable fashion wardrobe, combining style and sustainable ways of shopping, etc.  One excellent starting point for a sustainable wardrobe is the “#30Wears challenge”. This challenge is all about asking yourself whether you are going to wear a particular piece of clothing at least 30 times. This challenges or encourages you – depending on how you see it – to limit your buying excessively or buying what you don’t need. In the end, the fewer clothes we buy, the better we can recycle/upcycle, the less that ends up in landfills. In this article, we are going to share with you some of the sustainable fashion tips to make your clothes last longer.

Sustainable Tips To Make Your Clothes Last Longer


Quality Over Quantity! Versatility Over Trend!

As a Fashion Stylist London, I will always advise focusing on the quality of the fabric rather than the brand or trend while shopping. What good is a piece of clothing that only survives three washes, if that? Even worse, what good is something you can only wear once for a few hours? Additionally, you need to think about versatility. Can you style it with other items currently in your wardrobe? If the answers to all these questions are definite, then go for it!

Use a Delicates Bag

Delicates Bag

The spin cycle of a washing machine can be a little harsh on your garments, especially the ones that are already delicate. This is why another tip I would recommend to make your clothes last longer is investing in a few Delicates Bags. These are mesh bags with a zipper or drawstring as a closure. You simply place your unique item into the bag and into the washing machine. The mesh layer will allow the water and soap to get inside and out. It will clean your inner garments without exposing them to the harsh spin cycle. It will further help in preserving the life span of your underwear.

Wash Less

If you are like me and cannot always hand wash (another excellent way for making your clothes last) those delicates, consider washing less. Yes, washing less can add to the lifespan of your clothes and make them last longer. I am by no means suggesting you maintain poor hygiene or wear dirty clothes. An example from my lifestyle is if I have only been driving around in my car, some of my outerwear could be fine with just a wipe down with soap or alcohol.  Washing your clothes regularly in the machine can fade their colour and structure rapidly. The dryer can cause shrinkage of the garments.

Avoid Too Frequent Dry Cleaning

The process of dry cleaning is not only expensive but also involves the use of harsh chemicals that are harmful to the fabric as well as the environment. A sufficient alternative is sometimes to hang the item in your bathroom while taking a shower. The steam will help in softening your outfit, avoiding those harsh chemicals from dry cleaning. You can then wipe down with a damp cloth that has mild soap on it and leave it to air dry.

Four Washing Tips to Make Clothes Last Longer

Washing tips

  • To prevent fading of clothes, wash your clothes in cold water.
  • Note that using a higher amount of detergent is not only harmful to the environment but also can make your clothes dull sooner.
  • While using a washing machine, I suggest washing your garment inside out. It would help in preventing the fading of your clothes.
  • Air dry your clothes instead of putting them in the dryer

Learn Basic Mending

I will always encourage you to have a trusted tailor. In addition to this, for those that can, I suggest you learn the basics of sewing. That in case a strap comes loose; or if a button falls off you neither need to visit your local tailor nor discard them. A little fashion DIY can make them as new as before. These are minor issues that might cause a major wardrobe malfunction. However, being familiar with your sewing kits can save your money as well as a lot of your worries.

For more such sustainable fashion ideas, visit MODESTSISTERZ. We are your Personal Styling & Image Consultant in London. We encourage people to stay stylish while practicing slow and sustainable fashion. You can opt for our online styling services or consult us for your wardrobe makeover. We would help in creating a sustainable wardrobe based on your need and preference.

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