How To Pair Your Handbags With Outfits?

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How To Pair Your Handbags With Outfits?

Some women consider jewellery, shoes, belts, etc. as essential fashion accessories. While we agree with them, we at MODESTSISTERZ, give a little bit more importance on bags. We believe whether you use jewellery and belts or not to glam up your outfit, a handbag adds a lot of elements to your outfit styling. You can check our video ‘Friday By JW PEI | Unboxing, Review + 2020 Giveaway | Just Can’t Believe It! | Ethical & Sustainable’.

As you are aware MODESTSISTERZ, personal styling London is a strong supporter of slow and sustainable fashion; we try to reduce carbon footprints as much as possible and show you one or two things on how to do so too. That’s why for our handbag collection we have chosen the brand JW Pei. It is an affordable, luxury designer brand that supports sustainable fashion with its products being made from recycled plastics. You can check out their website and will be amazed to see their collection.

Tips: Buying Handbags To Pair With Outfits

We love a good bag, especially handbags. Whether we are dressed in a minimalistic way or opting for the lavish fashionable/trendy style, it can be complimented beautifully with the right handbag. There are a few things however to consider while buying handbags and we are sharing the tips to consider before buying handbags to pair with your outfits below:



One of the most significant aspects of sustainable fashion is to make the most of a product. When it comes to outfits, one of the sustainable fashion ideas we follow is the #30wears rule. It is simply the idea of wearing any fashion piece at least 30 times, rather than buying a piece at a cheaper price and wearing it just once. Similarly, with our accessories, we recommend you ensure the handbags you are buying have great craftsmanship. This will ensure they last for a long time. As seen in our YouTube video, the handbags by JWPei are made up of good quality material. You can always tell by checking the quality of their seams, zippers, handles, and even the magnet used to lock the bag for quality.




As a Style Consultant London, the next factor that we put a lot of emphasis on is the size of the handbag. This can be tricky when you’re buying handbags online, especially if you are buying from other continents. In our video you will see, all the bags have multiple compartments where you can fit your daily necessities. However, we cannot fit our purse in some of them. At the same time, we have managed to put essentials such as our phone, make-up products, etc. into our handbag. So yes, we would recommend you check the size of your bag to determine which one would best suit your need.



Handbags | Style

Color is another critical factor that we consider while buying handbags. Rather than buying different coloured handbags to pair with different outfits, we highly recommend opting to start building your collection with staples before getting some wild ones. Put some thought while choosing your colours; think about what you already have and where this new piece is going to fit in. In our video, you will see that although bright coloured, we have chosen that which we can pair with various outfits. This will help your journey towards a sustainable wardrobe packed with versatility!


Quality, just like durability, is an important factor to consider while buying handbags. Irrespective of the appearance of your bags, you should give equal importance to the quality of your bags. A high-quality handbag will last longer which aligns with sustainability and versatility!


Choose handbags that you can carry in multiple ways. In our video, you will see that the handles of these bags came separately. This gives you more choice in how you can carry your bag and the different occasions you can use it for. Check the handle to see whether they are long enough so that you can carry it on one shoulder or cross-body. Then check whether they are detachable so that if you want to hold the bag under your arm like a clutch, you can go for that look too.




Another factor we suggest you keep in mind is the functionality of the bag. How secure are the locks to carry your valuable essentials? Is it well sealed? Does it have zips for coins? Are there gaps that can put smaller essentials at the risk of falling out? Again, whilst shopping online it’s not easy to assess the functionality aspect, however, make sure you do so when the item arrives! Use your right to return the item if you need to. The key to successful online shopping is loving the item even more once its arrived. Should have any doubt about the item, return it! There are too many wonderful accessories worth 100% of your love…


Handbag Style

Last but definitely not least, you cannot ignore style while choosing handbags. Handbags come in different shapes and sizes. Adding to it, other factors mentioned above, such as colour, locks, the handle of the bag and the way you carry it – everything contributes to your unique stylish appearance. Stay true to your style and resist trends…






MODESTSISTERZ is your Sustainable Wardrobe Manager/Image Consultant London who is happy to share sustainable fashion ideas that would help in making your wardrobe more versatile & sustainable. We hope our videos and tips would help you while buying your handbags next time. Additionally, we are positive that these small steps will help slowly but surely attain our goal of creating a sustainable world that would benefit both our planet and the people in it. For more such inspiring fashion tips, visit Also, share with us your thoughts, experiences & preferences! Together we can help to create a sustainable wardrobe for you.

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