How To Style Co-ord Sets

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How To Style Co-ord Sets

Co-ord sets have been the go-to for quite some time. The name is actually derived from the word ‘coordinates’ – in case you didn’t know. So this means the set will have matching tops and bottoms of the same print or colour. The tops can be used as outerwear or blouses whilst the bottoms are available in varying lengths of skirts and trousers. These types of outfits are a part of popular summer fashion and you too can have one in your wardrobe. Today MODESTSISTERZ is going to share with you a few ideas on how to style Co-ord sets. Given the cool co-ords are often priced separately – the bottom and then the top, this 5 ways from 1 Co-ord is not just about versatility, but also getting your money’s worth. You can check our HowToStyle | 5 Ways To Wear 1 Co-ord | #ASOSEDITION Animal Sequin | MODESTSISTERZ | Summer Fashion video for the practical illustration on co-ord styling ideas.

Why Should You Style Co-ord Sets?

You might have come across images of your favourite celebs/influencers rocking co-ord for various events. But why exactly is this type of outfit is so much popular? To put it simply, the reason is its readiness, comfort & versatility. And as versatility aligns with sustainability, MODESTSISTERZ – Fashion Stylist London encourages you to welcome co-ords into your wardrobe. Since you can style co-ord sets to create multiple looks; you can continue wearing them for longer, thus, practising sustainable fashion.

This versatility is an important factor that makes women prefer co-ord over jumpsuits. Whether you consider them from a designer’s point of view or the users’ perspective, you can pair the top or the bottom from the co-ord sets with other outfits. This type of mix and match will help with creating a wide range of looks. Meaning, a co-ord set will not just be a single outfit, rather it offers you the freedom to style your outfit in several ways. On the other hand, jumpsuits, no matter how comfortable they are do not offer the same form of versatility. Oh and let’s not forget with a jumpsuit you have to strip naked to use the bathroom!

Style Co-ord Sets As Per Your Preference

As a Style Consultant London, we are sharing a few tips to style your co-ord sets and here they are:

Wearing Co-ord As It Is

Wearing Style Co-ord Sets

To help you understand the various ways to style co-ord sets, in our video titled HowToStyle | 5 Ways To Wear 1 Co-ord, we are playing around with the ASOS EDITION Animal Sequin Set which has black & white prints. The first tip is to simply enjoy the set as it is. You can glam it up with accessories or certain style shoes. If the top is a bit on the large side or loose-fitting, you have the following cool options: tuck it in or tie a knot at the font that you tuck in at the font only – if the material allows you to, or tuck in around your bra to create a crop top look and the best look for your figure. Check out the YouTube video were all these tips are shown so you can try them out yourself!

Wear It As A Crop Top And A Skirt

Crop Top And A Skirt

To elaborate on the makeshift crop top idea – another qualifier for versatile sustainable fashion ideas. This is an alternative to tucking tops, instead, tuck them around your bra. Sound a little strange but see how we did it on our channel.  This method creates a loose crop-top look that compliments top-heavy frames or even curvy frames. In our option, even though cropped with some skin on show, its the kind of style that is not offensive when executed correctly. The moral of this little story is, always experiment with co-ords to find out which looks go best with your frame and achieve more than one look from them for an even more versatile wardrobe.

Wear It With Plain Old Black Coloured Top

Plain Old Black Coloured Top

as we are all aware, black is one of those versatile colours you can safely run to for pairing with outfits. In our example, we took the bottom (be it a skirt or the trouser in your case) and paired it with a simple yet stylish black cami top. When opting for a safe look with black, don’t be afraid to throw on a bit of accessories such as a faux leather / metallic belts, statement pieces of jewellery or interestingly coloured/textured bags.


Add A Little Splash Of Colour

Add A Little Splash Of Colour

Adding colours to your outfits always makes it look interesting. You can style the top of your co-ord sets in any way you want and pair it with a different skirt, trousers or jeans (that are not a part of your co-ord set). You can try the opposite of it as well – your very own mix&match! So that means pairing the skirt or the trouser of your co-ord sets with some colourful tops. You can go for a stylish top or you can even make a simple top look stylish. As we mentioned earlier, you can tuck your top in your bottoms or around your bra. We also recommend you do not limit yourself when styling co-ord sets. Keep in mind the various tops available – stylish necklines, halternecks, strapless, off-shoulder, cold-shoulder, the list goes on. Enjoy trying these various types of tops to bring out the best from your co-ord bottoms!

Layered With Jackets

Layered With Jackets

Last but not least tip is to style your co-ord with interesting outerwear. Whether you decide to wear the top part of your set and pair with a different bottom or opt for the bottom part of your co-ord to pair it with other tops, you can always layer it with different styles of jackets. This can be denim – as shown in our video, camel, leather, wool, faux fur or even colourful ones. There are plenty of looks you can achieve with just one co-ord set.





Fashion, we believe in a fun journey. Therefore, while sharing outfit styling tips, we try to share ideas that will help you enjoy this journey to a versatile wardrobe you love. MODESTSISTERZ is your Sustainable Wardrobe Manager who shares various styling tips and ideas. These will help you create a sustainable wardrobe and understand as well as practice sustainable fashion. As a part of our online Styling Services London, we can create a unique fashion statement for you. To know more about our other services, visit

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