How To Style Your Regular T-Shirts?

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How To Style Your Regular T-Shirts?

When it comes to choosing your outfits, the t-shirt is a must-have for every wardrobe. As a style consultant London, one thing we are sure of is that it’s a timeless piece of outfit that will never go out of fashion. You can wear it from a casual outfit to a dinner ready one. Not just that, you can even pair it with various other outfits as well. Today we are going to share few tips to style your regular t-shirts. For better understanding, you can watch our video ‘#HowToStyle Organic T-shirts ft. Tamiizone | JOGGER PANTS | Dungarees | POLKA DOTS | #modestsisterz’. We hope these tips will help when you style your t-shirts for next time. You can also share your t-shirt styling tips with us in the comment section below or leave your comments on our YouTube video. We would be happy to hear from you.

Tips to Style your Regular T-shirts

Since we are discussing tips to style your regular t-shirts, you may also find one of our previous blogs helpful. It was written under the heading ‘how to style co-ord sets’. In this blog, we have shared various tips on styling your co-ord tops with other bottom outfits that are not a part of the set. You can implement some of those tips in styling your t-shirts as well.

For today’s article, we have bought three t-shirts from Tamiizone. They have a huge collection of t-shirts, jumpers, hoodies for men, women, and even kids. The most important factor that makes us support this brand is that they use organic cotton to make these outfits. Now for those who are not aware of MODESTSISTERZ, let us tell you, we are a strong supporter of sustainable fashion.  Therefore, when we learn about this brand, we took this opportunity to introduce our audience to them.

Now, without wasting any more time, let us guide you through the tips to style your regular t-shirts with other outfits.

Pair tie-up T-shirts with various Bottoms

Irrespective of the type of bottom wear you choose, tying up your t-shirts in different knots can change your overall appearance. As a fashion stylist London, let me give you a few examples of how to tie up your baggy t-shirts to look chic.

Pair tie-up t-shirts with various bottoms

  • Front loop – Gather the material from both ends of your t-shirt at the centre and twist it. Fold the entire knot through the centre of the front-neck of the t-shirt and pull it down. A v-necked crop-top will form. Wrap the fold again as you have done earlier to secure and tighten it. You can pair this crop top with jeans, skirts, etc.
  • Scarf knot – To do this knot, you need a patterned scarf that goes with your tee. Gather the material at the centre and tie a scarf around it making a knot. Tuck folded part of the t-shirt, leaving the scarf hanging into your jeans or skirts.
  • Bandage wrap – Take one end of your t-shirt and fold it on the other end. Gather the material on the other hand and neatly fold it at the centre. Tuck the extra material underneath the remaining t-shirt creating a bandage-style fold.
  • Double knot – Gather both ends of your t-shirt and tie a knot at the centre. Repeat the process to secure the knot. The hanging ties will give you a boho feel.

Styling T-shirts and Yoga Pants

Styling t-shirts and yoga pants

Yoga pants are a pretty comfortable outfit, and this is the reason why this has become our go-to outfit while we are working from home. However, in our video, you will see that I have chosen pink yoga pants to go with my pink baggy t-shirt. I wanted to experiment with the baggy look, hence bought an XL shirt. You could try any of the knots or fold mentioned earlier (you can add your creativity here) to create a stylish look. I have tucked one side of my t-shirt within the yoga pant for a playful look. These sustainable fashion ideas will help you wear your t-shirt in various ways. As a result, you can wear them for a long time.


Wear it under a Slip Dress or a Dungaree

Wear it under a slip dress or a dungaree

Another useful tip to style your regular t-shirts is wearing them under a slip dress or a dungaree. You can create a baggy on baggy looks by wearing a dungaree over an oversized t-shirt. If you are worried that the end of your tees will get wrinkled or bunch up while wearing dungarees, you can tuck them into shapewear or fold them to get a crop-top like appearance. Additionally, you can wear the dungarees or the slip dress of a fit to size t-shirt. In this video, you will see apart from the oversized t-shirt I also bought one black and one white t-shirt in XS size. So you can pair them as well.

Pair it with Trousers or Jeans

Pair it with trousers or jeans

Next tip we would suggest to style your regular t-shirts is pairing it with a trouser or your jeans. In our video, we will see that we have paired a denim baggy trouser with my baggy t-shirt to get a similar ‘baggy-on-baggy’ look. To make it look stylish, I have accessorized it with a belt. If you want a different look, you can pair your baggy trouser with perfect fitting tees, which I have created with my white tee in an extra small size.

For more variation, you can even check my other look where I have paired my white fitted tee with a formal trouser that has a flowing end. You can even pair your tees with high waist jeans. While pairing with various types of bottom try the knot and fold mentioned earlier. You will be amazed to see how with a limited number of outfits, you can create so many looks. This is the reason why, as your personal styling London, we always encourage you to experiment with your styling ideas to make sustainable use of the outfit that you own instead of buying new ones.

Pairing with Skirts

Pairing with skirts

In our video, you will see that I have paired by tees with two types of skirts – a tied one and a layered one. Both are different in terms of colour, style, pattern, and even cuts. While you can wear the tied skirt with a baggy t-shirt in a crop style, you can experiment with colours as well. I have tried my black t-shirt with a burnt brown skirt. Even though both are in loud colours, they turned out to give a perfectly stylish look. On the other hand, when I paired my layered skirt with a white t-shirt, it reflects a very ladylike appearance. I am in awe of every style these t-shirts have turned out when paired with other items.

We have always said that fashion should be a fun activity and not limited to a few guidelines. Therefore, you can bring a lot of your unique elements while styling outfits. Not to forget accessorizing your outfit. Experiment with various hairdos, jewelleries, bags, clutches, etc. to create stylish looks.

MODESTSISTERZ is your sustainable wardrobe manager. Therefore we always highlight how to make the sustainable use of the outfits in your wardrobe, so that you can reduce your carbon footprint. Check out our services at

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