Interviewing & Styling Horcelie Sinda Wa Mbongo

//Interviewing & Styling Horcelie Sinda Wa Mbongo

Interviewing & Styling Horcelie Sinda Wa Mbongo

MODESTSISTERZ – Style Consultant London who has joined the movement of slow and sustainable fashion. We have never shied away from championing this movement. We will always inspire, encourage and support our audience through their journey to a sustainable life in fashion. Besides, we have always considered fashion as a fun activity and one needs not to follow a strict set of rules regarding the same. Our sustainable fashion ideas can help you in identifying your unique style. You can learn about how to combine various colours, textures, and patterns to create the most suitable fashion statement that represents you. Check out our video – Styling Horcelie Sinda | HOW TO PUT TOGETHER OUTFITS | Versatile | CAPSULE | modestsisterz | SS20. You can adopt these outfit styling ideas for various occasions achieving what we love to call a sustainable wardrobe.

A Brief Introduction Of Our Guest – Horcelie Sinda Wa Mbongo

Horcelie Sinda Wa Mbongo

Before, sharing our outfit styling ideas, we would love to share a brief intro about our special guest. Live now on our YouTube channel, you will see that we had the honour of style former Miss Congo, UK 2017 – Horcelie Sinda Wa Mbongo. Her profile is not just limited to being a former beauty pageant winner. She is also an Artist, an Activist, and a Campaigner working on various social issues.

Born in Kinshasa, Horcelie is the founder of Lobiko ya Congo and co-founder of Afro-edition. She has worked with various organizations to spread awareness about HIV/AIDS locally as well as internationally. This may surprise you; she is one of the presenters at Andy D TV – a Ghanaian TV programme, where she has discussed the social issues concerning the health of the people in the African community.

Her credentials don’t end here. Last year, she visited Congo for the first time, after she left the country at the age of 9. This time two other health professionals have accompanied her. Horcelie is aware that women make up about half of the people suffering from HIV across the globe. Additionally, the prevalence of HIV has been witnessed mostly among young women between the reproductive age of 15 and 29 in Congo and sub-Saharan Africa. She is aware of how HIV is claiming the lives of plenty of young people worldwide. This has led her to start campaigning to educate people about this deadly disease. She and her team have campaigned for a month about various infectious diseases including HIV and TB. They even led workshops and talks and organized conferences in two hospitals, an orphanage and in the local communities in Kinshasa as well.

Currently, Horcelie is pursuing her Masters in Contemporary Art at Sotheby’s Institute of Art. This year, she has planned to go for a two-month campaign in Ghana and Congo focussing on HIV testing. Apart from her activities in support of various social causes, she also plans to open up an Art Gallery in Congo or UK to display her arts internationally.

Horcelie is reading her Masters in Contemporary art at Sotheby’s Institute of Art. This year she will visit Ghana and Congo for a two months campaign focusing on HIV testing.  She aspires to open an art gallery and institution in the Congo/ UK and exhibit her arts internationally.

Outfit Styling Ideas With Different Items Of Clothing

MODESTSISTERZ, your Personal Styling London will share various outfit styling ideas for you to when styling yourself next time. We have selected a few pieces of clothing – a dress shirt, two white tops, a white trouser, and a bright pink skirt. Therefore, we are going to share different outfit styling ideas based on these items. We are thankful to our guest – Horcelie Sinda Wa Mbongo, who has agreed to attend this outfit styling session with us.

Outfit Styling Ideas With A Dress Shirt

There are various ways you can style your dress shirt. The following ideas may help you choose the appropriate one for you. If you don on any other style, feel free to share the same with us.

A dress shirt on its own – You can wear a dress shirt on its own. Dress shirts are always available in various lengths + materials. While some fall above the knee, some are simply knee-length and many fall below the knee. So, whatever length you prefer, wear it, pair it with sandals or pumps or heels and you are good to go. Do remember that if your dress shirt has lots of bright patterns, wear footwear with monochromatic shades as seen in the video. Feel free to go as crazy as you fancy on the accessories. This will work because one whole pieces are simple enough to handle a busy look! Accessories like belts will not only help you in creating a cute summer style but the belt will help in accentuating your silhouette.

Pair it with leggings/ trousers/ jeans – As we mentioned earlier, you can try styling various colours and patterns while pairing your dress shirt with leggings. The same goes for selecting your trousers and jeans. If the dress shirt is of minimal design, you can create a stunning look with statement jewellery or a statement handbag – bright coloured or patterned.

A dress shirt as a jacket – If you can wear a shirt as a dress, the same can be worn as a jacket. That is the beauty of a dress shirt, that you can wear in multiple styles making it a smart essential for your sustainable wardrobe.

Outfit Styling Ideas With A Trouser

As we have discussed in the above section that a trouser, when paired with a dress shirt, can create a unique look. Additionally, you can pair the trouser with a cute top and layer it with a dress shirt as a jacket. Personally, I always like to bear in mind that less is more, even when I am layering. This is why we ask you’re attentive to your version of this fashion tip to ensure the dress shirt you are wearing as a jacket is helping in adding charm, not tacky.

Pairing a trouser with a top – You will find a lot of cute tops in varied sleeve length, colours, patterns and texture, and even hemlines to pair with your trouser. In this regard as well, you can bring out lots of creativity by combining these elements in your outfit. Finish your stylish with appropriate footwear and an eye-catching purse or a bag as seen in the styling video here.

Outfit Styling Ideas With A Skirt

As you have tried various tops to go with your trouser, you can replace the trouser with a beautiful skirt… too easy right. This is how easy, as well as fun, styling yourself can be but only when you are intentional about every piece you buy! Throw in some colours, add a piece of jewellery (if you want), style it with belts, footwear, and purse. And you are ready to win the world.

Outfit Styling Ideas Combining Colour, Pattern, Texture & Shine

Colour, pattern, texture, and shine are important elements in styling. You have the power, through these elements,  to make your outfit more interesting, fun and attractive. As a Fashion Stylist London, we recommend experimenting with these elements to create a fresh look that represents who you are. There is no compulsion, that you always need to incorporate all these elements together. If you are opting for minimal style, experimenting with one or two elements can be enough. Its all dependant on your vibe, the occasion and even the weather!


Colour is an important aspect of styling and you can try combining various shades to find out the most suitable one for you. TIP – do the experimenting well before an outing, preferably when you’re not going anywhere snd have lots of time. In terms of neutral colours, you can choose white, tan, grey, dark blue, and dark brown. These colours need not be bright as seen on our model of the day – Horcelie, here. Your colours too can be pastel shades, jewel-toned, or even darker but earthy shades. You can achieve beautiful outfit styling ideas by combining multiple neutral colours.

As always, you can accentuate the shades of neutral colour by adding additional elements such as jewellery, shoes, accessories, and even your fingernail polish or hair colour. For instance, if you wear a white top, you can pair it with bold coloured bottoms – skirts or trousers in shades of pink or blue. You can also make a decent yet stylish fashion statement by carrying a handbag or a stylish bag in bright shades or a distinct pattern. There is a lot of creativity you can bring in terms of outfit styling ideas.


Patterns – a repeated decorative design that can be in low-contrast neutral colours or can be subtle with small motifs. When it comes to incorporating patterns in your outfit, you can choose to go bold or subtle. Besides, you can even try experimenting with multiple patterns in a single outfit or if you prefer, you can omit patterns in your outfit as well. Check out the MODESTSISTERZ IG page for abundant inspiration on your outfits. You can add texture to your outfit styling through embellishments on clothing patterns, accessories or footwear. Even your hairstyle can also add texture to your outfit.

Bling Bling

You can incorporate shine by sporting metallic belts, or footwear, or a piece of shiny jewellery or your handbag. Your adding eyeliner or nail paint in shades of gold or silver can also add an extra shine to your overall outfit styling and vibe!

You can combine multiple elements, or just one or two of them or even none. Whether you are going for a casual outing with your friends or a date or going for campaigning to spread health awareness, the bottom line is you should always be excited when selecting the elements to include in your outfit styling. Take time to experiment and create your unique style… choose to not follow what others are doing.

MODESTSISTERZ offers online styling services London. We are your Sustainable Wardrobe Manager/ Image Consultant who can help you in your wardrobe makeover based on your style, preference, and budget. To know more about our services, visit us at

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