//Personal Stylist North West London | How to Dress Your Age

Personal Stylist North West London | How to Dress Your Age

How to Dress Your Age

There are certain things you wouldn’t know until experience catches up with you. I am sure you all must’ve heard of a Personal Stylist in north west London or anywhere else for that matter who can help you upgrade your style & dress a lot better. I know it’s a little on the nose but we all need a second pair of eyes to help us understand certain things. Fashion is of course about feeling comfortable in what you’re wearing but let’s face it – it isn’t always only what you feel comfortable with. People in our surroundings do get affected by what we wear and how we style ourselves.

My friend – let’s call her T – Is 28 but everyone thinks She’s 18. I mean after a while you start to wonder if it’s really a good thing anymore – people always getting your age wrong. You’re an adult – almost 30 and some people think you’re not even allowed to drink. A balance needs to be achieved in looking your age especially when you want to be taken more seriously and how you dress plays a major part in this. So, I told T – let’s go shopping – She did roll her eyes at me but she knew she needed the help!

Before heading out, I asked her to show me the contents of her wardrobe. I quickly realized there was a dearth of timeless pieces and more of the riot the formula: jeans, slogan T-shirts, bomber jackets and functional shoes. You know when I say ‘Functional Shoe’ we’re basically referring to ‘orthopaedic grandma shoes’. Before you beat me to it let me agree with you that the is a time and place where these items are super cool, however, the emphasis remains on time & place…

Stylist – Pro Advice – Accessorize Accessorize Accessorize!

Part of the package with a Personal Stylist is helping you accessorize your looks to achieve versatility. It is all about the accessories – to an extent of course. T’s was someone who had just got into wearing earrings and for her, it was tassel earrings that were the gateway to her newfound love. Thankfully, she did like the ones I chose. They were gold, drop-down and structured enough to smarten up any look – again, versatility. I could already tell her taste and had great fun showing her how to dress her age without losing any fun!

Show Them Curves and Accentuate:

T is a high-waisted jeans girl and as I saw this from the get-go, I encouraged her to try on anything with the following words – high-waisted – wide-leg – paper bag. The great thing is these would work even with flat shoes (which she insist on keeping.) Remember – even petite girls can rock midi and maxi styles! I could see T was hesitant to wear the skirt with the length between midi and maxi – I realized that she always sported the shortest skirts to elongate her legs because She didn’t like wearing heels so stayed away from longer styles. But, When I put her in a skirt that paired with flat sandals, She loved it.

Want a Youthful Look Frills and Ruffles Are Your Best Friend:

T winced slightly when I asked her to try frilly shirts or oversized ruffled T-shirts. Nevertheless, she tried them on with a simple pair of cigarette pants… and voila! A professional Stylist who really takes care in you (& their reputation) should always ask you more than the average what are you hoping to achieve today? or what is your personal style? questions. The usual protocol is to first ask about the goal for the shopping trip, and where you usually shop – to get an idea of budget. However, let us turn the notch up with the Personal Stylist doing a deep vibe check. After all, your Personal Stylist should be able to effortlessly pick up the perfect pieces for you and to do this they need to know you in a deep way. They won’t necessarily always pick what you would choose for yourself but it’ll be something that will make you feel confident, and most importantly, like in my friend T’s case, a radiant adult.


Olive Skin Queens Can Wear Yellow!

We often are intimidated by bold colours, some people even feel they become the intimidation which such confident colours. T was one of these people and she never thought she would wear such a shade. Considering her skin tone has olive and yellow hues, She always avoided colours that would just wash her out. But! surprise surprise, she was loving all the yellows and greens she trying on – you never know until you try. It was a revelation to her – which kinda surprised me it took her this long to figure this out. Should give you one more reason why you should try a personal stylist!

T was very happy at the end – I nudged her out of her comfort zone and the rest was easy. This applies to all aspects of our lives. We just need someone to lean on for feedback and approval – once we have that then the journey becomes very easy. Being a stylist it’s my job to push people and have them explore uncharted waters – T did it and loved it. Maybe its time you start looking for Personal Stylist North West London.

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