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Shopping & Styling For a Student – Fashion Transition from University to Work

The sense of fashion changes in individuals as they aged or according to changes in their profession. For instance, the fashion sense of a college or University student will differ from a professional. Again, some professions allow you to wear formals, whereas some follow a casual approach.  Business casuals are another fashion approach that lies in between these two concepts. Therefore, when you transition from one phase to another, you need to make a few necessary changes in your wardrobe. As you may or may not know MODESTSISTERZ shares tips on fashion, accessories, sustainable fashion, and sustainable lifestyles. In our Sustainable Fashion Articles, we have shared styling tips as well as sustainable fashion tips. Today, we are going to share a few tips for styling a student who wants to develop a better style than what she usually wears. You can check our videos Prt.1 – From UNI To WORK | Shopping For & Styling A Student | WARDROBE REVAMP | modestsisterz for this purpose.

Tips for styling a student 

Casual tees and jeans are staples in every student’s wardrobe. To appear stylish, they sometime may layer them with different types of jackets or shrugs. While for the colder season they would usually rely much on jumpers, hoodies, and sweatshirts. In our videos, you will see, that we have a guest who spent the majority of her university days in jumpers, skinny jeans, and tees. Besides, similar to many other students, her preferred colours are in black and shades of grey as well.

However, as an image consultant London, while styling her and modifying her wardrobe, we have not drastically changed it by incorporating lots of bright colours or embellished designs. Instead, we have chosen pieces of outfits as per her preferred style and yet they do not scream ‘STUDENT’ all over. Let’s check them out.



When it comes to skirts, students experiment a lot. Some prefer short skirts, whereas some prefer longer ones. Others may go for something that ends just above the knee. In our video, you would see we have chosen a high-waist faux suede button front mini skirt from Mango in brown. As a Style Consultant London, we feel that this skirt is quite versatile for styling a student. You can pair it with your favourite black tees or even white tees to look stylish. This skirt will be a nice addition to your existing wardrobe. Check our previous blog ‘How to style your regular t-shirts’ to learn different ways to style your tees with your favourite bottoms.


TrouserWe have mentioned earlier how students’ wardrobe cannot be completed without a pair of nicely fitted comfortable jeans. However, for a change in your wardrobe, as a Fashion Stylist London, we suggest adding trousers as well in your wardrobe. In our video, you will see we have offered two types of trousers to add to your wardrobe while styling a student. One of them is high waist suit trouser in blue from 4th +Reckless.  It contains belt loops, and you can style them with different types of belts in your wardrobe. Another one is slouchy trouser in beige from Stradivarius that comes with a stylish black belt. Both these trousers are high-waisted and therefore, can give structure to your waist. To bring attention to your waistline, you can even pair them up with crop tops. If you intend to go for a semi-formal look, pair them with suit jackets. We will come to that later in this article. These trousers are a fresh change to your regular jeans. Besides, they are comfortable, and you can style them differently with a wide range of tops.



If you want to revamp your wardrobe from a casual to a stylish one, you should include dresses in your wardrobe. Take efforts to make some space amidst your tees, jeans, and jumpers for some selective dresses that will come handy for specific occasions. When it comes to choosing dresses you will find lots of options in terms of LBDs, maxi dresses, fit and flare, cocktail dress, boho dresses, etc. However, in this regard, as a Sustainable Wardrobe Manager, we suggest two pieces of outfits while styling a student. One is a knitted off shoulder midi dress in ivory from Fashionkilla. Another one is a cami midi dress in retro stripe knit from the brand Neon Rose. Both these dresses are suitable as party wear and even for after party. They might not give away a ‘casual’ vibe, yet they look stylish and chic.

Partywear Suit

SuitWhen we are talking about party wear, we would like to suggest another option. It is a soft satin 3-piece suit from ASOS Design. Also, it is stylish, chic, and makes for great party wear. The sleeves come with a slit, and you can go for minimal makeup with this attire. A simple piece of an earring, lip gloss, eyeliner, a pair of heels, and a stylish clutch will complete your look.



Blazers or jackets are quite useful in changing the entire appearance of an outfit. In one of our previous blog ‘How to combine style & sustainable fashion’, as your Personal Stylist London we have shared reviews on the ways to style double-breasted blazer. You can even check that blog to learn more about combining style with sustainable fashion. In this video, while styling a student, we have recommended a double-breasted suit blazer in check from the brand 4th + Reckless. You can pair them with all the outfits we have mentioned above. They will help in improving your style quotient to a great deal.

We hope these ideas will help you in improve your styling as a student. Check the links to the platforms from where we have got these outfits in the description of the video. Also, we would recommend you to watch our 2nd video ‘Prt.2 | From Uni to Work | WARDROBE TRY ON | Shopping & Styling For A Student | REVAMP | modestsisterz‘ to give you an idea of how these outfits actually will look on you.

MODESTSISTERZ has always supported sustainable fashion and share different Sustainable Fashion Ideas to ensure that you make the most of your wardrobe. We also offer Online Styling Services London. Share with us your preferred style, what you want or what you are looking for, and also your budget. Based on these facts, we can help in creating your sustainable wardrobe to make you look stylish. To know about our services, visit us at

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