Why Is Sustainable Fashion Important?

//Why Is Sustainable Fashion Important?

Why Is Sustainable Fashion Important?

Currently, the whole world is experiencing various forms of environmental threats. These include changes in the climatic condition, scarcity of water, pollution caused by plastic, deforestation, etc. Amidst all these problems, it often escapes the mind of most people whether the fashion industry can be a contributor to these environmental hazards or can offer a solution. To answer this, the fashion industry can be responsible for causing various damages to the environment, and at the same time, it can offer a solution as well.

Sustainable Fashion Importance

Recently, it has come to the notice that the clothing industry is one of the largest contributors to environmental damages. However, sustainable fashion can help in addressing these issues effectively. Sustainable fashion is a movement in which the brands follow an approach towards fashion that is considerate of the environment. Let’s find out why this movement is so important.

Saves Natural Resources

As per a 2015 study, around 97% of resources used for making clothes are new whereas 3% are recycled. This constitutes approximately 98 million tons of the annual resources used for making clothes that include the oils for producing synthetic fibres, fertilizers for producing cotton, various forms of chemicals used for dyeing fabrics. On the other hand, recycled fibres are a more sustainable option. They are effective in reducing pressure on virgin resources and also address the issues concerning waste management.  You can opt for any style of consultant London that focuses on sustainable fashion to take part in this positive movement.

Saves Animal Lives

The fashion industry is responsible for claiming a large number of animal lives. For instance, the leather industry is alone estimated to be associated with the killing of around 430 million animals per year. Various sustainable fashion brands have started embracing cruelty-free alternatives. For instance, they are trying t use trash from oceans to produce polyester, yeast to produce silk, compostable sneakers from various plants, bio-fabricated vegan wool, etc. You will be surprised to know that the popular alternative to leather is derived from pineapples. The pineapple leaves during the harvesting process are used to create this form of fabric.

Reduces Carbon Footprint

The global fashion industry releases a huge amount of greenhouse gases every year. This is one of the most important contributing factors to global warming.  Majority of the popular fabric such as polyester, nylon, and acrylic are made from fossil fuels. These materials require more energy while they are being produced in comparison to natural or recycled fibres.

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On the other hand, various sustainable brands used natural or recycled fabrics. These fabrics require less water, energy, almost zero chemical treatment. Besides they also use biodegradable organic fabrics such as linen, organic cotton, hemp, etc that acts as a great alternative in a sustainable fashion. You can choose an organization that offers personal styling in London that also practices sustainable fashion.

Requires Less Water

Water is an essential element during the dyeing and finishing process for almost all of our clothes. This fact may come as a surprise, but to produce a single T-shirt almost 2700 litres of water is used. While cotton is grown in hot and dry areas that experience scarcity of water, this fabric is highly dependent on water.

Organic cotton in comparison to traditional cotton can help in reducing water consumption by 91%. However, as the price of non-GMO seeds are higher and require additional investments into materials and machinery, only 1% of global cotton production is organic.  Other sustainable fabric that requires almost little to no water is linen, hemp, and recycled fibre such as recycled cotton.

Supports Safer Working Conditions

Some of the most disturbing issues garments workers usually experience in the fashion industry are low wages, long working hours, degrading health and safety conditions, etc. If these are not enough there have been instances of verbal and physical abuse as well.

There are eco-ethical brands that promote health care facilities, suitable working conditions, and fair wages for all their workers. They focus on creating economic opportunities for those in need. We all want to feel great in our clothes. The knowledge about the conditions in which they are being made also can make a huge difference in how we fee. Besides the environment and the animals, the well-being of the people who are responsible for making us feel good in our clothes is equally important.

Healthier For People & Our Planet

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It might surprise you but about 8000 different forms of synthetic chemicals are used for dyeing, bleaching, and processing garments. These chemicals are responsible for causing various diseases and even death of farmers or other workers involved in the process. Besides, the extent to which these chemicals can cause harm includes birth defects to their children as well. Our skin can absorb anything we put on them which includes the chemicals on our clothes as well. Therefore, though we are the end-users we still are at the risk of developing various health issues due to these chemicals. An effective way to avoid the same is washing new clothes before putting them on.

Doesn’t Support Child Labour

As per the recent statistics of UNICEF, around 170 million children are involved in the garment industry. UNICEF stated that while some of the children are too young, in some other areas the workplace is unfavourable for the child.  Brands that follow sustainable practices, maintained transparency while providing details concerning the factory, manufacturing process, and the working conditions. You can check for brands with certification labels such as Fair Wear Foundation, Ethical Trading Initiative, Fair Trade Certified to assess the ethical factor of the fashion brands from where you are purchasing your garments.

Teaches Us To Love Our Clothes Again

Sometimes it is easier to forget the process that goes behind preparing amazing piece clothing in a store. However, learning about the negative aspects of this industry will help us to follow an approach towards fashion with a consciousness for sustainability.

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A sustainable fashion that is not only environmentally friendly but also people and animal friendly will benefit the global population. We need to reflect on our buying decision that will be more responsible and for the betterment of our planet. Therefore, while trying to choose fashionable wear, we should consider the impact it is causing to our planet.

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